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Zoran Zaev Optimistic about Macedonia’s European Future

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Zoran Zaev Optimistic about Macedonia’s European Future

"Macedonia and Bulgaria have a lot of common history and this is the stepping stone for Macedonia's European and Euro-Atlantic future," Macedonia's PM Zoran Zaev said during yesterday's ceremony in Skopje that marked the 114th anniversary of the Ilinden–Preobrazhenie Uprising. The ceremony was also attended by a large Bulgarian delegation, led by PM Boyko Borisov.

„The Republic of Macedonia's future is bright and everyone is welcome to come and live in this nice land," Zaev went on.

"Together, we will build the European and the Euro-Atlantic future of our country that will improve the quality of life of the Macedonian people. The legacy of Gotse Delchev has been preserved and cherished and now the peoples of Bulgaria and Macedonia have reaffirmed their friendship, partnership and good neighborly relations in the name of the European integration of the West Balkans," Zaev said also.
(Editor's note: Gotsé Delchev, whose nom de guerre was Ahil (Achilles), is regarded by both Macedonians and Bulgarians as a national hero.)

"Our big goal is to make Macedonia a full member of NATO and the EU and I believe that our country has already made the first step in this direction. My Bulgarian counterpart, my friend, Boyko Borisov has demosntarted great responsibility to the common goals of our two countries. Today, we are telling our European partners that the West Balkans are now mature enough to start talks for integration into the European family," Zoran Zaev concluded.

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