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Vratsa Court Hears Damyanov Brothers’ Case Today

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Vratsa Court Hears Damyanov Brothers’ Case Today

One year after the death of 18-year-old Todor, the court in Bulgaria's northwestern town of Vratsa is hearing the case against the Damyanov brothers, known by the locals as "The Doughnuts".

Todor died on a busy street in the town center after a brawl with them.

Initially, the brothers were charged with involuntary manslaughter, but later the charges against them were altered to murder with hooligan motives.

However, forensic examination of the victim's body showed that Todor had had a chronic heart disease and his dead was caused by massive heart failure and not by the injuries he sustained in the brawl.

Investigators also concluded that the victim used knucklebusters against the brothers.

As a result, the murder charges against Damyanov brothers were dropped and were replaced with indecent acts committed with extreme audacity.

The initial hearings are scheduled for today and tomorrow.

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