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Volkswagen tops Bulgaria’s car market with 15% share

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Volkswagen tops Bulgaria’s car market with 15% share

Volkswagen is the absolute leader in car sales in Bulgaria with a market share of 15 per cent, end-June data by the ministry of the interior shows. "People's car" brand is untouchable at the top of the chart with a total of 75 000 automobiles more than another German rival Opel, which is also a favourite to Bulgarians. The prestigious third place is occupied by a third German company – Mercedes – which has a total of 193 000 units registered in Bulgaria, in spite of the widely-advertised poverty of local people.

The other two popular German brands – Audi and BMW – are also quite spread all over Bulgaria but they hold the 5th and 9th places, respectively, in the Top 10 of the country's most favoured auto makers.

More than 150 are the brands and models of cars that travel the roads of Bulgaria, the interior ministry data of the registered motor vehicles show. A considerable part of them were made in communist times, which means that they are over 29 years old. They include Volga, Moskvich, Lada, Chaika, Varshava, BulgarRenault, Zastava, Vartburg, Zaporozhets and Trabant, among others.

There are also many super luxury vehicles with top brands like Porsche (around 3000), Jaguar (over 2300), Hummer (208), Maserati (207), Bentley (188), Ferrari (80), Rolls-Royce (59), Lamborghini (25) and Aston Martin (25).

About 600 electric vehicles have also been registered so far in Bulgaria but only 67 of them are of the prestigious American brand of Tesla.

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