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Veliki Preslav Joins Wonders of Bulgaria Campaign

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Veliki Preslav Joins Wonders of Bulgaria Campaign

It's been seven years since the Standart Daily launched the first edition of The Wonders of Bulgaria national campaign.

On Monday (March 13th) the northeastern town of Veliki Pleslav is going to host the one in a row installment of the event.

Representatives of the Bulgarian government and the local authorities will meet regional businesspeople, intellectuals and representatives of NGOs and not-for-profit organizations, to draw a road map for stimulation of tourism in the region.

Historians and archaeologists will try to find interesting historical routes that can attract history-lovers and enthusiasts to Bulgaria's northeastern region.
Veliki Preslav Mayor Aleksandar Gorchev, who is going to host the forum, is going to propose an extension of the municipality's concession of the archaeological park by the same name.

In his words, the park needs extra power supply and a long-term plan for management and sustainable development.

Targovishte Mayor Darin Dimitrov is going to ask the Ministry of Culture to intervene in the ongoing dispute over the property rights on the ancient Roman town of Missionis, unearthed near Targovishte in 2000, on the side of the municipality, so that the site is preserved and turned into a tourist hot spot.

Last but not least, the local governors are going to ask the ministries of culture and tourism to pour more money into advertising Bulgaria's ancient capitals.

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