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U.S. frightens Bulgaria with South Stream sanctions - BG businesses are outraged

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U.S. frightens Bulgaria with South Stream sanctions - BG businesses are outraged

''U.S. should not interfere in the decisions about the South Stream'', was the reaction of Bulgarian businesses about the statement of U.S. ambassador Marcie Ries, in which she advised national companies "to avoid working with companies and individuals sanctioned by the United States."

In the text published in the Facebook page of the embassy, ​​it is recalled that the project implementation in Bulgaria is entrusted to a consortium of Russian Stroytransgaz, which is lon the U.S. sanctions list, published on April 28.

The post reminds that these sanctions prohibit any business relationship on the part of U.S. citizens with Stroytransgaz 

The "Gazproekt South" includes five large Bulgarian companies. Besides these, nearly 100 small local companies will be engaged in thw construction of  the pipe worth EUR 3.5 billion.

According to the statement of Marcie Ries,companies or individuals who provide material support to Stroystransgaz may also prove to be hit by the sanctions by the U.S..

Yet Bulgarian business representatives were adamant that this notice is direct pressure and is a threat for Bulgarian builders. Players in geopolitics tshould stop slapping Bulgaria in their own fights, businessmen say.

According to Bulgarian Construction Chamber President Svetoslav Glosov, the letter is a threat,

Bulgaria again became a victim in the games of the ''Big Ones'', energy expert Prof. Atanas Tasev formulated. "It's very easy to say do not do this, do not do that. What should then Bulgaria do? If someone wants something from Bulgaria, they should say it outright  and make clear what they are offering as compensation, "he added.

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