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US diplomat: Bulgarians wants to see more America in Bulgaria

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US diplomat: Bulgarians wants to see more America in Bulgaria

Bulgarians too, want to see more America in Europe and more America in Bulgaria and this is a sign of our mutual interests and common values, said Daniel Freed - a former US ambassador to Poland, member of the Atlantic Council, former undersecretary of state for Eurasia and former director of national security to president George W. Bush, who also worked with Barack Obama, in an interview with American radio station of Fox News.
His words came after a meeting with top Bulgarian political leader – the deputy chairman of GERB and chair of the parliamentary group of the party Tsvetan Tsvetanov. Freed also said that he recently had talks with Bulgarians who are indeed pro-American and are worried by Russia's influence.
Freed made a comment also on the topic of illegal immigrants in Europe. "There are many Europeans who are ready to act along with us and do the right thing. These countries in Europe, they want to be proud of the national heritage. They want it and they can do it, especially those who spent decades under communist rule, they want to be proud of being Bulgarians, or Polish, and they wish to be in control of their borders. I understand this desire, it's quite natural. Meanwhile, they must allow access to people who want to become Europeans, and join them on the continent", the former ambassador to Poland said. In his words, European states have never been ethnically pure, they have always been mixes of peoples that came and go historically. Therefore, these states must be open enough to allow the newly arrived to assimilate, if the latter want it.

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