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Turkey stops migrants to Bulgaria

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Turkey stops migrants to Bulgaria

Hundreds of migrants have been stopped by Turkish law enforcement on a highway near the Turkish border city of Edirne, causing a massive traffic jam.

The migrants, who have been camping out for days in a bid to cross into EU nations Greece or Bulgaria, had been told earlier by Edirne Gov. Dursun Ali Sahin that 200 of them would be allowed to visit the Greek border.

"There you can say everything to the press and cameras," he said. "But this crossing is not possible."

But the migrants were stopped Friday after setting out for reasons that remain unclear. Repeated calls to the Edirne governor's office went unanswered.

In Istanbul, hundreds of migrants continued to camp out a large mosque near the city's Esenler bus station in the hope of joining their compatriots in Edirne. Anis Issa, a 22-year-old from Aleppo, said police weren't letting anyone in or out.

Source: KSL

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