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Tree Ruins the Façade of a Hotel in Hisarya

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Tree Ruins the Façade of a Hotel in Hisarya

The scene of the accident.

(October 19, 2017 Sofia) a dead tree that was estimated to be about a century old split apart and fell onto the façade of a four-star hotel in the spa resort of Hisarya, causing significant damages to the rooms' balconies.

The signal about the accident was received at 3 am today. All guests of the hotel were immediately evacuated. Luckily, no motor vehicles were damaged although the hotel's parking was full.

Hotel manager Nadezhda Manolova said she had sent many signals to the local authorities insisting that the dead tree should be cut down as it presented a significant danger to the building.

Firefighters are now working to remove the massive tree from the building's façade.

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