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Treasure from the Middle Ages found in Kaliakra Fortress

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Treasure from the Middle Ages found in Kaliakra Fortress

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Archaeologists discovered a pot with 957 valuable artefacts in the Kaliakra Fortress on the northern Bulgarian Black Sea coast, the National History Museum said in a statement on Wednesday. The find was discovered last Friday during regular archaeological excavations under the floor of a room burned at the end of the 14th century, the statement also said.

Regular excavations in Kaliakra Fortress were held for the 15th consecutive year, the statement said, adding that archaeologists have already found there two similar but significantly smaller treasures containing a total of 140 Ottoman coins from the end of the 14th century, as well as two pairs of gold earrings and other small adornments.

The treasure contains 957 gold and silver objects - coins, buckles, buttons, earrings, rings, beads of precious stones. From the initial examination of a small part of them, it is found that it does not only include silver Ottoman coins, but also many Bulgarian ones. The Ottoman ones belonged to Sultan Bayezid Yildirim (1389-1402), and a small part to his predecessor, Murad I (1362-1389).
In the same building, during the 2014-2017 surveys, silver hardware from a church book and a collective find of 26 copper mangers (a small copper coin) of Sultan Bayezid Yildirim (1389-1402) were found.

The name 'Kaliakra' comes from the Byzantine Greek words, 'καλός' ('beautiful') and 'άκρα' ('headland' or 'fortress'). Even before the arrival of the Byzantines though, the cape was settled - in the 4th century BC by a Thracian tribe known as the Tirizi.

Francesco Sinibaldi · 18:48 · 19.09.2018
In the purity of a dream.
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Modest and
eminent virtue,
when the sun
goes away
and a yellowing
leaf touches the
ground with a
delicate movement
I can hear, in the
forest, the timid
attraction to the
light of your fate.

Francesco Sinibaldi
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