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Ten Thousand Celebrate Christmas in Bansko

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Ten Thousand Celebrate Christmas in Bansko



Bulgaria's most popular ski resort – Bansko – welcomed ten thousand guests for Bulgaria and abroad during the Christmas holidays.
Local hotel and restaurant keepers say this was the dress rehearsal for the coming New Year's party.

Many of these guests have booked long packages for one or two weeks and will stay in the resort in the first week of 2017.

Hotel rooms are empty from early morning until late afternoon, when all tourists are at the ski runs. They are in perfect condition, despite the lack of snow, because the installed snow cannons are working around the clock.

The mountain rescuers in the resort say the ski runs at the foot of Mount Todorka, a hot spot for snowboarders and extreme skiers, will remain closed until the first heavy snow.

Local people say that the tourists from Romania are having some communication problems, as they do not seem to speak enough English.

"We need people who speak some Romanian to help our guests check in find their way around the resort," hotel managers say.

At the moment, the Romanian police patrols in Bansko are also interpreting for their compatriots, as most of them speak some Bulgarian.

The restaurants are luring their customers with traditional dishes such as Kapama, Chumlek and baked beans, several types of banitza, etc.

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