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Teacher who Kicked Student Out of Class Quits

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Teacher who Kicked Student Out of Class Quits

Antonia Bodurova, a Bulgarian language and literature teacher in the Yordan Yovkov Comprehensive School in the city of Rousse, who was caught on camera kicking a seventh-grader out of her class, has tabled her resignation.

The news was reported by the school's headmaster, Iliya Kostov, speaking live on bTV this morning.

The victim of Bodurova's aggressive outburst, a seventh-grade student by the name of Nikolai, says she went berserk and charged on him for no particular reason.

Reportedly, Bodurova had been hired as a substitute teacher with a temporary contract.

The victim's parents say they are not going to file legal claims against the school, or the teacher.

The local education inspectorate is probing into the case.

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