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Subsidies for the 1.5 billion rural program were approved

Subsidies for the 1.5 billion rural program were approved

To date, the six measures launched by the Rural Development Program (RDP) have approved a subsidy worth over BGN 1.5 billion. Approximately 5000 candidates have been awarded contracts, which is one third of the total number of applications submitted. This was announced by the Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Mrs. Lausana Vassileva at the meeting with the farmers in Pazardzhik.

She and experts from the department presented the information campaign of the ministry in the towns of Pazardzhik and Plovdiv.

During the meetings, Dr. Vassileva explained to the participants the priorities in the agricultural sector, which the country will support during the presidency of the Council of the EU.

The main topics discussed in the two cities were related to the Common Agricultural Policy after 2020, the implementation of the RDP support schemes and measures for 2018, the direct payments, and the news related to the UMIS information system.

The end of the information campaign is on 1 March 2018. Until then, four more meetings will be held in the cities of Veliko Turnovo, Gabrovo, Targovishte and Razgrad.

Francesco Sinibaldi · 18:42 · 10.07.2018
Dulzura de pasión.
( other version )

La voz de la vida
se difunde en
el campo trayendo
la gracia de una
flor encantada:
suavemente, como
el sol que regresa
en el pálido seto,
como el tímido
llanto de una rosa
cansada que refleja
el dulzor de una
luz pasajera...

Francesco Sinibaldi
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