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Six-year-old Shoots Dead Pub Owner During Birthday Party

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Six-year-old Shoots Dead Pub Owner During Birthday Party

Firearms must always be kept away from children.

(September 1, 2017 Sofia) A six-year-old boy, who had been brought to a pub in the village of Vinogradets, Septemvri Municipality, to celebrate his birthday, accidentally shot and killed the place's owner, while playing with the pistol of one of the party guests, the local police department's press officer has reported.

The tragic incident occurred shortly before midnight yesterday.

The murder open is registered to Lazar Vlaykov (44) Chairman of the Septemvri Municipal Council. He was taken to custody, pending questioning and his pistol has been seized by the police.

Apparently, Mr. Vlaykov took out his personal weapon at some time during the party and passed it around. When the pistol reached his nephew, the six-year-old birthday boy, he accidentally fired a shot that killed the pub owner – a 47-year-old man by the name of Nasko.

The boy is now being counselled by psychologists.

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