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Seven Unaccompanied Children Enter Bulgaria Per Day

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Seven Unaccompanied Children Enter Bulgaria Per Day

On average, 7seven unaccompanied child refugees seeking protection are entering Bulgaria every day, data of the State Agency for Refugees (SAR) shows for 2016.

Last year a total of 6572 children entered Bulgaria, 42% of whom have arrived in the country without family or elderly relative. Thus, compared with 2015, when unaccompanied children were 1816, last year their number increased to 2772.

Most numerous were the infant migrants from Afghanistan - 2048. 310 of them were minors and 1738 of them were aged under 2018.

Unaccompanied children entering Bulgaria are housed in refugee camps, but in separate rooms from adult migrants. Currently over 450 children live in lone specialist centers, while other 17 were taken to accommodation in social services such as sheltered housing and family homes. For every child without a guardian the mayor of the municipality or district is appointing a representative who cares about the interests and the protection of the child.

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