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Russian Foreigin Minister Lavrov: Bulgaria and Albania want to divide up Macedonia among themselves

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Russian Foreigin Minister Lavrov: Bulgaria and Albania want to divide up Macedonia among themselves

Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov stated on the website of his ministry that there was talk of dividing up Macedonia and giving parts to Bulgaria and Albania.

The Russian minister went on suggesting that Macedonian prime minister Nikola Gruevski was was under pressure to refuse to join sanctions against Russia and the South Stream pipeline and was cajoled into supporting the Turkish Stream project instead.

According to Lavrov, the idea is to divide Macedonia, seen as an artificially established state, among Bulgaria and Albania.

"It is very sad and dangerous that they are trying to use the Albanian factor for that," the minister added. "Many years ago there were serious contradictions, and then the Ohrid Agreement was signed [in 2001]. And now they are talking about Macedonia's further federalization and even suggest dividing the country, giving part of it to Albania and another part to Bulgaria."

Bulgarian Foreign Minister Daniel Mitov characterized the statements as 'highly irresponsible'.

He emphasized that troughout  time, it had been precisely Bulgaria that gave the greatest support for the independence to Macedonia and acted as guarantor of its territorial integrity and reminded that Bulgaria had been the first country to recognise the Republic of Macedonia,

TheMacedonian · 02:12 · 12.07.2018
and the question is what fucking Russia did in order to stop dividing Macedonia or protecting from being nato member. You suppose to stop Bulgaria to enter in nato and now we could make an Balkan union in between Bulgaria,Macedonia,Serbia,Montenegro and Republika Srpska connected with Russia. Russia is fucked up!
User · 22:29 · 01.06.2015
Wise Armenian this Lavrov guy ...
sunny · 00:41 · 23.05.2015
Now we are witnessing a process of practical realization of the Greater Albania project that was designed for the first time by the Albanian First Prizren League in 1878. Or better to say, we are today dealing with the revival of a Greater Albania created by Mussolini in 1941 – a real state that existed until the end of the WWII. A difference is only that the WWII Greater Albania was sponsored by the western nazifascism while a present-day Greater Albania is backed by the western self-proclaimed liberal democracies
sunny · 00:40 · 23.05.2015
User · 00:37 · 23.05.2015
val · 21:10 · 21.05.2015
Russia was the one that separated Madeconia from Bulgaria back in 1944.
User · 22:13 · 22.05.2015
@val @ val, that is a false statement. go read Macedonian history
User · 22:22 · 01.06.2015
@User Macedonian history as in the history of FYROM starts in 1991. In 1944 it was the treacherous BG gov'ment of Kimon Georgiev (comprised of British agents) that withdrew the BG Army from Macedonia. Stalin was even surprised to learn about that.
User · 20:36 · 21.05.2015
Fortunately, the breakup of Macedonia can't happen because NATO will defend Macedonia's territorial sovereignty, even if 95% of the citizens vote to leave. I guess Bulgaria and Albania will suffer US and EU sanctions and will be isolated from the rest of the world, too.
User · 22:25 · 01.06.2015
@User The breakup of Macedonia will not happen not b/c someone will defend that artificial state but b/c there is no one in BG or Albania to execute such a feast. Such moves are done by patriotic powerful leaders which lack in both counties.
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