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Robbers Blast 2 ATMs in Sofia

Most of the ATMs in Sofia are under 24/7 surveillance.

(October 27, 2017 Sofia) – Unidentified robbers have blasted two ATMs in Sofia in the wee hours today, the press office of the Ministry of Interior has told Nova TV.

One of the attacked ATMs is located in the nearby resort town of Bankya and the other – in Levski R. D.

The ATMs are in free-access, self-service areas and the robbers used compressed air to break them open.

Reportedly, the ATM in Levski R. D. was empty.

The police think the perpetrators are the same robbers who blasted open two another ATMs in Sofia's Mladost and Druzhba residential districts not long ago, because of the same technique that was used to break them open.

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