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Refugee flow to Bulgaria increases to 1,800 in H1 2013

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Refugee flow to Bulgaria increases to 1,800 in H1 2013

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Sofia. The number of refugees in Bulgaria has jumped to 1,800 in the first half of 2013 from 1,400 in the whole year of 2012. The Bulgarian refugee centers are working at full capacity, to handle this increased flow, Red Cross Refugee-Migrant Service head Mariana Stoyanova told Focus.

According to her predictions, the number of those seeking shelter in Bulgaria will increase to 3,000 by the end of the year. According to Stoyanova, this would be a precedent, as their number was only so high in 2001 -2002.

The refugee homes are packed, with no more free beds. At the Pastrogor home, a large number, thus around 200 people are from Africa. They are housed in a single space, which previously served as the dining room. The authorities have mobilized all their resources to be able to absorb and accommodate all those who arrive, Stoyanova informed.

The increase of the flow of refugees is due to the crisis in Syria. Most of them are Syrians and because Turkish homes are also running on full capacity, people do not want to live in camps more than a few months and opt for Bulgaria.

"Our observations are that only a quarter of these refugees will remain in Bulgaria. Most of them are planning to continue to Germany, Sweden and Denmark. There are several families who already departed to Germany'' Stoyanova commented.

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