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Radev and Vucic discussed the problems of the Bulgarians in Serbia

Radev and Vucic discussed the problems of the Bulgarians in Serbia

The Bulgarian national minority was the subject of our discussions. We highly appreciate the recent changes in the legislation of Serbia towards national minorities and all the work we have high-level government, the president said Rumen Radev news conference with his Serbian counterpart Aleksandar Vucic, who is visiting Bulgaria, quoted by BTA.

But more efforts are needed, however, for this activity and this progress in the legislation of Serbia to reach local level and to have results there, said President Radev. We discussed the problems in these regions where our minority lives, including the lack of sufficient investment, low employment, insufficient access to health and social services, access to training and media in the native language, the Bulgarian president said. Radev thanked President Vucic for his specific commitment to solving the media problem in Bulgarian.

At the initiative of President Radev today talked very specifically about the problems faced by Bulgarians living in Serbia, especially in the municipalities of Dimitrovgrad and Bosilegrad. Therefore, we offer specific solutions how to further assist, to promote the Bulgarian language, medias in Bulgarian to be better funded in Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic said. According to him, last year was solved the problem of the 12 textbooks in Bulgarian, but will work more seriously.

In President Vucic's invitation for my official visit to Serbia, both visit the areas of our Bulgarian minority and we can see the practical steps to improve the lives of the people in these regions, added Roumen Radev.

Bulgaria highly appreciates the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina, he has no alternative, said President Rumen Radev in response to a question about Bulgaria's position on Kosovo and Metohija. We need to seek a peaceful solution to all the problems, added the head of state. In his words, Serbia's arguments in the negotiations need to be carefully analyzed by all parties so that their influence is not taken into account only for the moment, and in a strategic perspective - how the decisions will be reflected in the future.

For us, this is the biggest, most difficult obstacle on the road to the EU, Alexander Vučić commented on the expectations of continuing the dialogue with Pristina. The dialogue will be continued, we will try to find a compromise, and we will do everything in ourselves - not to get everything, and one side and the other to lose something, but to be content to come to a common solution if this is possible, said the Serbian president. "And if it is not possible, the end of the world will not come, except that in the future we will lose a lot - both we and the Albanians, so I believe in the compromise and I hope it will be achieved." In the face of Bulgaria, we see a real friend, a friendly state, Alexander Vucic said.

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