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PM Borisov Supervises Security and Intelligence Services

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PM Borisov Supervises Security and Intelligence Services

Bulgaria's State Agency for National Security (DANS) are under the direct supervision of PM Boyko Borisov, along with the National Intelligence Service and the service responsible for the use of Special Intelligence Means (SIMs).

Borisov's deputy, Tomislav Donchev is in charge of the ministries of culture, education, sports, regional development and agriculture.

Deputy PM Valeri Simeonov oversees the ministries of labor and social policy, health, transport, economy and tourism.

Deputy PM Ekaterina Zaharieva is in charge of the ministry of justice, the state agency for refugees, and the anti-corruption and organized crime center. She is also responsible for Bulgaria's presidency of the EU Council next year.

Finally, Krasimir Karakachanov will be watching over the ministry of interior affairs, as well as the state agencies "Archives", "Information Security" and "Reserves and Wartime Stocks.

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