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Plovdiv authorities want local airport’s ownership transferred to them

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Plovdiv authorities want local airport’s ownership transferred to them

The Municipality of Plovdiv will ask the Council of Ministers to be awarded the ownership of the local airport at Krumovo. The decision to file the request was voted with almost a total majority at yesterday's session of the Municipal Council. Only 2 councilors voted against the decision, which was proposed by deputy mayor Rozalin Petkov. Petkov said the procedure of transferring the airport ownership was long and there was no time to wait.

Earlier, a BSP councilor – Ivan Petkov – said that the municipality needed a serious concept of how it would manage the airport before asking to become its owner. "This is not two kilos of peaches," Petkov said. But, Rozalin Petkov told the councilors that Plovdiv Municipality was going to manage it well, and that there was time to draft a strategy. The annual maintenance cost for the airport is estimated at 4 million leva, and since revenues amount to 3 million leva, there is a million deficit in the airport's budget.

It was also announced yesterday that the consortium that was chosen to become the airport's operator – Chinese HNA Group – had not signed the concession contract and instead is selling its own assets all over the world. Currently, it considers selling its Radisson hotel chain, said Bloomberg, quoting its own sources.

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