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Pernik Authorities Probe into Poisoned Dogs Cases

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Pernik Authorities Probe into Poisoned Dogs Cases

(October 31, 2017 Sofia) The Prosecutor's Office in the town of Pernik is probing into two cases of stray dog poisoning.

At the end of last week, the local police department received signals that the dead bodies of nineteen stray dogs had been found along Vardar Street and in the Daratsite residential district.

The dog corpses have been collected for autopsy. Citizens have told the police that some of the nineteen poisoned dogs were not strays, but pets.

They are also worried that the dog bodies are left to decay in the streets and they may thus spread diseases. The dead dogs also represent a shocking sight for the local children playing around.

Yesterday, a group of local citizens piled up dead dogs in front of the Town Hall as a token of protest against the recent instances of unprecedented animal cruelty.

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