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Moscow offers transit without permits to Bulgarian road transport operators

Belcho Tsanev |

Moscow offers transit without permits to Bulgarian road transport operators

Transit transport of goods via the territories of Bulgaria and Russia to be carried out without the decades-old permits for transit. This proposal has been made by Moscow to the government of Bulgaria, Standart learned from its sources.

Russian prime minister Dimitrii Medvyedev signed a decree that approves a project for the amendment of the Agreement between the governments of Russia and Bulgaria of international automobile communication, signed on May 19 1995 and enforced on July 13 1996.
Three subtle correction to the text of the agreement will lead to transit transport via the territories of both countries to be accomplished without permits from now on. The Russian proposal includes a change to Clause 6, Point 1 of the agreement where the wording "or transit via their territories" will be scrapped and another sentence will be added, saying that "Transit transport of goods via the territories of the agreeing parties will be carried out without permits." For the same goal the wording "and transit" will be removed from Clause 14.

The changes that are offered by Moscow will liberalise transit carriage of goods through the land of both countries, which will lead to more favourable state of trade by lowering the cost for lorry operators.

Amendment proposal has been sent to Sofia via the Bulgarian embassy in the Russian capital. If the change is approved, it will be enforced 30 days after Moscow receives the notification by Bulgarian authorities.

Amendments will have no effect on trade between Russia and Bulgaria, which will continue to be carried out only under the clause of bilateral permits.

Moscow already proposed to Bulgaria in early 2016 the signing an agreement for full liberalisation of transit transportation. At that time there was an ongoing meeting of the Russian-Bulgarian committee on international road transport.

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