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Mito Orozov’s Phaeton Shines at Tourism Fair

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Mito Orozov’s Phaeton Shines at Tourism Fair

The very own and personal phaeton of Mito Orozov, who in 1883 opened a tiny workshop for repairing carriages in the then small town of Vratsa, huddled at the foot of the Balkan, is going to be featured at the Vacation and Spa Expo 2017 that starts on February 15th at Sofia's Inter Expo Center.

This phaeton is already world famous, believe it or not!

The exquisite carriages of Orozov from the period of post-liberation Bulgaria won the gold medal at an exhibition in London. Henry Ford himself offered the Bulgarian to produce the bodies of his cars! But Mito Orozov said he had to be crazy to build coaches for Ford for such a small prize he offered.

Orozov was a man with a vision, not afraid to dream big and follow his dreams also followed his dreams.

So, just a few years later he opened a big factory for phaetons and carriages, employing skillful carpenters, metalworkers and painters from Vratsa and the region.

This is the tenth time that Vratsa Municipality is going to be represented at the annual vacation and spa expo.
Surprisingly, the phaeton-making tradition established by Mito Orozov over a century ago is still alive in the town of Vratsa today.

It is continued by Krum Petleshki, a retired school teacher from the village of Rogozen, who is building modern version of the great master's classical models. Petleshki's modifications include brakes, head and tail lights, two hoods, original tires and metal spokes.

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