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Macedonia President Denies Zaev Right to Form Govt

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Macedonia President Denies Zaev Right to Form Govt

Macedonia's President has refused to award a mandate to form a government to the opposition leader Zoran Zaev.

Macedonia's President has refused to give Social Democrat leader Zoran Zaev a mandate to form a government, despite his majority in parliament, claiming he had the potential to "destroy the country" by accepting the demands of the country's ethnic Albanian parties.

"The constitution and my conscience forbid me from extending a mandate to anyone who destroys the sovereignty and integrity of Macedonia," Gjorje Ivanov said, adding that Zaev must first publicly reject a "platform coming from a foreign country", presumably referring to Albania.

Ivanov insisted that the ethnic Albanian platform, which was the main precondition for ethnic Albanian parties to support any government coalition after the December 11 elections, breached the constitution and the 2001 Ohrid Peace Accord which granted greater rights to the country's ethnic Albanians.

In addition, VMRO-DPMNE said that the SDSM party is turning into an openly-criminal organization, after SDSM MP Muhamed Zekiri posted photos of a Kosovar family wanted for war crimes in Serbia and accused of drug trafficking.

Reportedly, Zekiri was meeting with Zijadin Sela, an MP of the Albanian Alliance quota, who got beaten by protesters in the April 27th storming of the Macedonian Parliament.
The photos show Zekiri, Stela and relatives of Geni Geci, who is accused of killing a rival Albanian guerilla commander in the 1999 Kosovo war.

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