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Israel hopes Bulgaria will open embassy in Jerusalem

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Israel hopes Bulgaria will open embassy in Jerusalem

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hopes that the opening of a consulate general in Jerusalem by Bulgaria will be the first step towards the opening of a Bulgarian Embassy there. Netanyahu was speaking at a news briefing he held jointly with the visiting Bulgarian Prime Minister Boiko Borissov Wednesday ahead of a meeting between the two. Borissov was on a visit to Israel September 4-5.

The Israeli Prime Minister said that the most valuable aspect in bilateral relations is the rapport and respect by the Israelis to Bulgarian people. "This is so because we all are part of the same civilization. But now, this civilization is being attacked, mostly by radical fractions, radical Islam and its terror," he said. He added that the nobody is spared terror attacks and even Bulgaria saw one. He was apparently referring to a 2012 bus bombing in the Bulgarian Black Sea city of Bourgas which killed five Israeli tourists and the Bulgarian bus driver.

Prime Minister Borissov said that the probe of the attack showed the investigative services of the two countries capable of working "as one", to use the Prime Minister's words. He said that the efforts should be focused on people's minds and that Internet has scrapped all borders. He added that religion is important for people, but peace, tolerance and understanding are what matters the most.

He expressed hope that a joint meeting of the two government will be held in Bulgaria before the end of this year. Borissov said that it is important to have relations of friendship and trust with Prime Minister Netanyahu because Israel "plays a key role in undoing the complex knot in the Middle East".

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