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Incumbents discuss nominations for new ministers

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Incumbents discuss nominations for new ministers

On Monday GERB will discuss with its coalition partners the new ministerial candidates, said here on Saturday Prime Minister Boyko Borissov, who conferred with the participants of the 11th summer university of his party's youth chapter.

Commenting the resignation of three government ministers: of Transport Ivailo Moskovski, of the Interior Valentin Radev and of Regional Development Nikolai Nankov, which Borissov demanded on Friday in the wake of a deadly bus crash last week that left people dead, he said that the ministers' resignations are a personal act. "If I have demanded them, that means that there were omissions, and unfortunately we have 17 people killed," Borissov said.

He explained that the company in charge of repairing the deadly road section had been notified five times to fix it, but the minister also bears responsibility. He said that GERB wants to be a European party and "when we have made mistakes and there is a problem, we will bear our responsibility".

Commenting the candidates for the ministerial posts, Borissov said there are ideas and proposals, which will come from GERB, as these ministries are part of their quota under the coalition agreement. Asked whether there will be more changes in the Cabinet, the Prime Minister said that there is more to be desired from other ministers, but that will be discussed after the governing coalition meets.

GERB deputy leader Tsvetan Tsvetanov also commented the resignations. The three ministers who tendered their resignations are from GERB's quota and are in no way to blame, Tsvetanov said, adding that people in senior government positions must be able to take political responsibilities.

Tsvetanov noted that the opposition has started to give moral assessments, but it cannot escape the model it has created itself during the years it was in power. There is no such thing as assuming political responsibility in the Bulgarian Socialist Party, he said.

GERB's deputy leader accused President Rumen Radev of giving contradicting assessments of the Svoge bus crash and a recent car accident in which his father was found to be at fault. "Is this the President of the country, is this the Commander in Chief, on whom we all count to be a moral pillar?" Tsvetanov asked.

He said that the possible nominations will be discussed with GERB's coalition partners. Tvetanov admitted that there are difficult moments with the United Patriots, but they have the necessary consensus when they put Bulgaria above all.

Tsvetanov said he would not accept to be nominated as minister of interior, which is a post he has held previously.

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