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Health Ministry Bails Out Hospital in Vratsa

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Health Ministry Bails Out Hospital in Vratsa

Medics protesting in front of the hospital in Vratsa.

(October 12, 2017 Sofia) The hospital in the northwestern town of Vratsa has been saved from bankruptcy with an emergency grant from the Health Ministry, The Standart has learnt.

All medicines and consumables for the next 30 days have already been supplied to the hospital.

Eighty percent of the medics' salaries for August will be paid off at the beginning of next week and the remainder will be paid off by the end of the month along with the salaries for September.

In view of the latest positive developments, many of the medics who tabled their notices about two weeks ago have now started withdrawing them.

The hospital's new management and the health ministry are now in talks with several banks over a much needed loan that will pay off the hospital's debts to suppliers and utility companies.

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