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Gypsyes Beat Down Pensioners in Shivachevo

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Gypsyes Beat Down Pensioners in Shivachevo

(October 25, 2017 Sofia) A 68-year-old man from the small town of Shivachevo in Sliven Province and his wife have been mercilessly beaten down by two gypsy men aged 25 and eighteen, who were trying to steal the couple's heating wood, the police directorate in Sliven has reported.
The accident occurred shortly after 2 am on October 20th, when 68-year-old Mihal Dukov caught the two men trying to steal the wood from his yard.
"I got up to take a piss in the loo, and on my way back to the house I heard the dog barking. I took a closer look and saw two gypsy men loading my heating wood on a horse cart. I grabbed my stick and asked them what they were doing. They wanted to make off but I dashed to the horse and grabbed its rein," the beaten man told bTV.

The two gypsies got off the card and started beating the man with a heavy washing machine part.
Mihal's wife, also a pensioner, went out of the house and started screaming for help, but all she got was a hard hit on the head that almost killed her.

The two pensioners were found in a helpless condition by their neighbors and were rushed to the local hospital, where their wounds were treated.

The assaulters were arrested shortly afterwards and were idientified as Petar I. (25) and Zhelko G. (18).
Petar has served four sentences so far and Zhelko also has a criminal record. The two offenders are behind bars in custody, pending trial.

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