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Gymnastics ''golden girl'' Tsvetelina Stoyanova in critical condition after fall from 6th floor

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A terrible accident shook the Bulgarian spor as national player in rhythmic gymnastics Tsvetelina Stoyanova is coping for her life after a fall from the 6th floor. The 21-year grace fell from the sixth floor of Block 319 in Sofia's Nadejda district.

She was admitted to the ER at 2 pm today. She was conscious, but in a very serious condition.

Stoyanova underwent a two-hour operation, during which her spleen, which was torn in the fall and caused massive bleeding, was removed.

Tsvetelina is in intensive care, but remains in a critical condition.

Neighbors do not believe that the athlete tried to take her own life. They told Nova TV that they believe that the beauty got sick and fell from the balcony of the apartment where he lives with her grandmother.

Stoyanova had the luck to fall into the bushes that were located immediately in front of the residential building where she crushed into the ground.

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