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German Chancellor Merkel: Bulgaria requested to become a refugee hot spot

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German Chancellor Merkel: Bulgaria requested to become a refugee hot spot

Bulgaria wants the European Union to create a reception center, or so called "hot spot" on its territory, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said at a news conference in the early hours today after the EU summit about the refugee crisis.

Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov did not speak to reporters after the meeting. According to the most recent plans, Bulgaria is expected to accept over 500 refugees as temporary residents.

"Bulgaria also indicated that it has an external border with Turkey that is under tremendous pressure by refugee flows," Merkel said. "We were open-minded. We said that if Bulgaria wants to create a "hot spot", it will receive the same support from the European institutions and agencies like Greece and Italy. However, we do not want to impose anything on Bulgaria, and Bulgaria itself said: We have a problem, so why not us? "

For the moment, the EU provides for such centers only in Greece and Italy. Teams will be sent to assist the national authorities in the reception of migrants, the establishment of their identity, their registration, the processing of their documents and their applications for international protection.

The topic provoked fears and controversy because some see "hot spots" as turning the temporary host countries into sanitary zones for the retention of migration flows at the periphery of Europe in order to guard the other Member States.

According to what has been said so far by the European Commission, national authorities should engage in parallel with the reception centers to create accommodation for migrants.

The first tranche of financial support for hosting the migrants amounted to € 33 million for a reception center in the Athens port of Piraeus.

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I za Bulgaria .... otnovo nishto...iavno Bulgaria ne sashtestvuva kato strana ot EU. Ami togava da gi puskame svobodno da preminavat kakto praviat Garcia i Italia. TEZI KOITO TRIABVA DA ZASHTITAVAT INTERESITE NA BULGARIA V EU -SLAB (2)
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