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F 1 Track to Be Built near Bourgas

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F 1 Track to Be Built near Bourgas

Sofia Car Manager Rosen Daskalov

(August 11, 2017 Sofia) – An F 1 racing track can be built near Bulgaria's southern coastal city of Bourgas, provided that a joint project of Sharlopov Group and Sofia Car for the construction of Bourgas Ring is implemented.

This became clear at yesterday's edition of the discussion YES! To The Bulgarian Economy, held in the city.
It marked the forum's seventh anniversary and the 25th birthday of its organizer, The Standart daily.

The project envisages the construction of a multi-functional automobile and carting race track, in compliance with FIA's standards.

Such an investment will attract crowds of car racing fans to the coastal city outside the summer holiday season.

In addition to the new jobs that Bourgas Ring will create, it will also provide a safe place for the street racers in the region to show their skills at the wheel.

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