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ЕТЕМ is the leading integrated manufacturer of aluminium profiles and systems

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ЕТЕМ is the leading integrated manufacturer of aluminium profiles and systems

ETEM is among the leading companies in South-eastern Europe for extruding of aluminium profiles. Established in 1971, ETEM became the first business in Greece that completely integrated the process of design and manufacture of architectural systems and aluminium profiles for industrial use.

With its modern manufacturing facilities in Bulgaria and Greece, ETEM guarantees constant, timely, efficient and undisturbed supply of its products to its customers.

ETEM has a powerful positioning in Europe and constantly strives to achieve market capabilities that will help it enter new countries and stay there. Currently, the company is commercially represented in Greece, Romania, Ukraine, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania and Cyprus. Due to the steady investment in innovations and infrastructure, modern equipment and employee training , ETEM never ceases to explore new markets and sign strategic partnerships in Asia, Africa and the US.

In recent years, ETEM established itself as an important supplier of aluminium profiles and complete and semi-complete products for the auto industry. The company started manufacturing solutions for the car-making sector in 2012, and it quickly managed to win new customers, including global car giants like BMW, Porsche, Lamborghini, Jaguar, Land Rover, Rolls-Royce and Daimler.


The tallest Bulgarian building Sky Fort will be fitted with ETEM systems


ETEM's system solutions will be used in the construction of Sky Fort – the future tallest building, not only in Sofia, but also in Bulgaria. The skyscraper will be the second site of the Sofia Capital City ensemble that ETEM will be involved in the building construction business. Previously, the company took part in the completion of the large-scale project of Capital Fort – the first building of the group, designed by A&A Architects architectural bureau.

To complete the façade of Sky Fort, ETEM will utilise its established manufacturing practice, used in the construction of the 126-metre Capital Fort. The building's cover of the new skyscraper in Sofia will see again the façade system E99 that was researched and developed for the project itself. It corresponds to the highest requirements for heating and cooling, air and water resistance and anti-earthquake equipment, as well as coverage of all fire-prevention norms. All features of E99 have been proven through tests in accredited laboratories in Britain, Italy, Turkey and other countries. Seismic stability has been tested as a specific requirement for the project.

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