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Energo Pro Ready to Pay EUR 300 M for CEZ Bulgaria

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Energo Pro Ready to Pay EUR 300 M for CEZ Bulgaria

CEZ Bulgaria Headquarters

(September 25, 2017 Sofia) -  According to a publication of Hospodářské noviny, Energo Pro has increased its bid to acquire the Bulgarian arm of CEZ Group to EUR 300 M. This is a little above the prize CEZ paid to acquire the energy distribution companies in Western Bulgaria.

CEZ set foot on the Bulgarian energy market back in 2004, acquiring majority stakes in Western Bulgaria's energy distributors for EUR 281 M.

A few years later CEZ acquired the shut down Varna TPP. Now, they have put on the counter all of their assets in Bulgaria, including the energy trading company and their solar parks.

However, Energo Pro have explicitly mentioned they have no interest whatsoever in acquiring the closed down thermos-electric power plant in the coastal city of Varna

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