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Ekaterina Zaharieva is appointed Minister of Justice

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Ekaterina Zaharieva is appointed Minister of Justice

Universal Soldier – the best definition of Ekaterina Zaharieva, who is expected to be appointed as justice minister today.

Zaharieva is Bulgaria's new Minister of Justice. This was decided by Parliament after a vote. She was the only candidate for the post. Zaharieva received the support of 126 MPs, with 66 "against" and 17 abstained. Most of the ministers of Cabinet were in plenary on this occasion.

Zaharieva's nomination was presented by Deputy Prime Minister Meglena Kuneva, because Prime Minister Boyko Borisov is at the European Council in Brussels.

The Cabinet reshuffle came after Hristo Ivanov resigned from the post of justice minister over disagreement involving judicial reform. This led to numerous changes in government, one of them being the decision of the Co-Chair of the Reformist bloc Radan Kanev to go into opposition. This led to conflict within the bloc itself, because only his own party, DSB, followed him. The other four parties in the Bloc – Meglena Kuneva's Movement for Bulgarian citizens, the UDF, the NPSD and the Agrarian party - continue to support the governing majority.

Zaharieva, the universal minister

Justice is the third and most difficult urgent mission of Ekaterina Zaharieva

Over the past five years she has changed a number of positions of power and managed various sectors. This will be her third time as minister in government, but her first time in the hot seat.

Zaharieva will not just have to shoulder the gossip and high expectations of judicial reform, but stop the 'friendly' fire within the system itself. Apart from heavy clashes and heated arguments there are also many personal battles. Therefore flexibility and compromise will not suffice. She will have to make firm and clear decisions, predict her friends and enemies. And she will need to be more of a politician than an expert, unlike before.

Zaharieva entered Cabinet in 2009 as then-deputy minister of public works. Current President Rosen Plevneliev was minister at the time. Their careers have been linked since. In 2012, she followed Plevneliev to 2 "Dondukov" St. and became his General Secretary.

A year later she returned to the building of the Ministry of public works as minister in the first caretaker government formed by Plevneliev. Later she was appointed head of Cabinet of the Head of State. Then came her second urgent mission, this time in the caretaker cabinet of "Bliznashki", where she served as Deputy Prime Minister and took two ministerial posts. Her portfolio was economic policy, but she also headed regional development and investment projects. After her mandate expired, she returned to her previous position as the head of Rosen Plevneliev's Cabinet. Everyone who has worked with her agrees she is capable of handling any position.

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