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Dimitar Zorov Warns of Looming Butter Crisis

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Dimitar Zorov Warns of Looming Butter Crisis


(October 13, 2017 Sofia) "Europe may celebrate a butterless Christmas this year, simply because there may not be enough butter in stock to meet the soaring demand at this time of the year," Dimitar Zorov, Chairman of the Bulgarian Dairymen Association, told The Standart.

"Over the past few years, the price of butter in the EU has increased by 80%, while the increase in Bulgaria is by 40%. This is because on the Bulgarian market there are products labelled as butter that contain vegetable oil as well.

There are several reasons for the looming butter crisis. First and foremost, I do not think that the EU policy regarding the milk processing sector is right. They try to keep the price of dairy products as low as possible and the families of dairymen earn as much as a cleaning lady in a restaurant as a result.

This is why many of my colleagues in Bulgaria and in Europe have gone out of business creating conditions for dairy products deficit in the near future.

Butter is produced as a by-product of powdered milk which in turn is produced where there is an excess of fresh milk, but there is not one at present. That's why the managers of some of the biggest European milk processing plants say here will be a butter crisis. We shall see if they are right or not," Zorov went on.

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