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Deputy PM Valeri Simeonov to Sue 4 Bulgarian Media

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Deputy PM Valeri Simeonov to Sue 4 Bulgarian Media

Valeri Simeonov

(October 9, 2017 Sofia) - "This topic has been exhausted, more or less. I shall start separate lawsuits," Deputy PM Valeri Simeonov said in the studio of Bulgaria ON AIR this morning during a discussion with journalists Yulee Moskov and Asen Grigorov.

Simeonov gave four Bulgarian media 24 hours to officially apologize to him for misrepresenting his stance on last Friday's heated argument between him and journalist Viktor Nikolaev .

Mr. Simeonov added freedom of speech also means that the guest in the studio should have the right not to answer some of the host's questions.

Renowned journalist Yulee Moskov countered that Simeonov's statement to sue certain Bulgarian media sounded like a threat.

"Bulgaria's Deputy PM should not dictate to the journalists what they can write and what they cannot. The power-vested govern the state, they do not own it," Moskov went on.

After the heated debate between Simeonov and journalist Viktor Nikolaev, Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Ethics Committee, Anton Todorov told Nikolaev that his strong language might cost him his chair.

"The fact that Bulgaria's deputy PM allows himself to throw accusations at journalists and media means that there is pressure against them on the part of the government," journalist Asen Grigorov added.

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