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Deputy PM gives launch to 74th International Technical Fair in Plovdiv

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Deputy PM gives launch to 74th International Technical Fair in Plovdiv

The 74th edition of the International Technical Fair opened Sunday in Plovdiv. It brings together 550 companies from 35 countries in Europe, Asia and North America which are showing state-of-the-art products, technologies and services in a wide variety of areas, including electronics, electrical engineering, IT, robotics, machine building, construction, the water sector, the chemical industry, automotive industry and transport.

The partner country of this edition of the Fair is India, which has sent 46 companies to participate.

One of the events that is part of the Fair, Auto City Plovdiv, is showing some of the latest innovations in the automobile industry. The Bulgarian Union of Inventors is showing 17 innovations from developers of six countries.

In his opening remarks at the opening of the Fair, Deputy Prime Minister Tomislav Donchev said that while the public sector was immersed in debates on much needed reforms in the past ten years, Bulgarian businesses and entrepreneurs carried through a very important reform on their own. "Quietly, the Bulgarian businesses migrated from an economy based on real estate speculations, services and quick money to an economy based on production and export. Bulgarian producers have become competitive internationally and this country now exports more and more of high value-added goods."

Donchev said the time has come to make the next step. "We cannot have a growing economy based on low labour cost and cheap resources. The State and businesses should start to invest more in high technologies and automation, to raise the value added of the output," he said.

The Plovdiv Fair continues until September 29.

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