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CITUB Launches Rally in Sofia, Calls for Higher Wages

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CITUB Launches Rally in Sofia, Calls for Higher Wages

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October 27, 2017 Sofia) – A rally organized by the Confederation of the Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria (CITUB) is taking place in front of the St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia right now.

The CITUB leadership are calling for an increase of the current minimum monthly salary by at least BGN 100 and preservation of the length-of-service allowance.

Their demands also include a minimum starting salary of BGN 700 per month for every young employee with a college degree, adequate remuneration of night labor and a non-taxable personal income equal to the approved minimum monthly salary.

„We expect to gather about eight thousand people in front of the Cathedral. This rally is social, not political," CITUB leader Plamen Dimitrov said.

„We believe a minimum monthly salary of BGN 510 before taxes is too little. The minimum monthly salary in Romania is EUR 318," he added.

Employed people from Montana, Vratsa, Vidin and Lom, the region being known as "The Poor Northwest", are also heading to Sofia by several buses to join the rally.

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