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Bulgaria’s Poorest Region Sees Hope in Danube Cruise Ships

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Bulgaria’s Poorest Region Sees Hope in Danube Cruise Ships

Luxurious cruise ships sailing up and down the mighty Danube River may bring some hope to Bulgaria's impoverished northwest region.

Statistical data shows that this past time option is becoming more and more popular with tourists from the countries along Europe's second longest river.

Last season, for example, the Port of Vidin accepted 181 luxurious cruise ships carrying an average of 150 wealthy passengers each.

This year's season was opened on March 22nd, when the first cruise ship berthed at Vidin. The captains of 196 river cruise ships have made requests to stop at the Port of Vidin this season. Tour operators expect over 30,000 tourists to purchase a cruise on the Danibe until mid-November, when the season is officially closed.

Most of the cruise ship sailing on the mighty Danube are under Canadian, German, or Swiss flag, and most of their passengers are from the USA, followed by those from Japan, but there also are tourists from Canada and even from New Zealand and Australia. One third of the river lovers are over 65 years of age.

Unfortunately, most of the tourists landing at Vidin complain of the port's poor infrastructure, the lack of enough ATMs and currency exchange bureaus across the town, especially around the famous tourist sites such as the world-famous Baba Vida and Kaleto fortresses.

Francesco Sinibaldi · 15:32 · 26.08.2017
La clarté des sentiments.

Dans le reste
de la soirée
je vois une
lumière et le
tendre cadeau
d'une chanson
très joyeuse.

Francesco Sinibaldi
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