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Bulgaria’s Per Capita Net Income Up by 9.4%

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Bulgaria’s Per Capita Net Income Up by 9.4%

(August 15, 2017 Sofia) The average natural person's total net income in Q2 2017 in Bulgaria is BGN 1.355, which is a 9.4% increase y/y, the national statistics institute has reported.

By item, monthly salary accounts for 56.7% of the average Bulgarian's total income (it has increased by 1.9% y/y) followed by pensions (26.3% here there is a three-percent decrease y/y), payments for freelance work (6.8%) and social benefits (3.4%).

Francesco Sinibaldi · 15:07 · 13.05.2018
If the sunshine appears...

In a terse
and beautiful
sky the first
portrait of
a prudence
appears in your
mind with a
delicate breath...

Francesco Sinibaldi
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