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Bulgaria’s Electricity Consumption Skyrockets

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Bulgaria’s Electricity Consumption Skyrockets

Because of the freezing temperatures yesterday, the electricity consumption in Bulgaria at 6:15 pm reached the record-high 7,844 megawatts, the Energy System Operator (ESO) said.

According to Energy Minister in resignation Temenuzhka Petkova, this is a 20-year high.
All thermal plants and the nuclear power plant at Kozloduy are working at full capacity and the so-called "cold reserves" have been activated.

To satisfy the record-breaking domestic demand, Bulgaria has temporarily suspended the export of electricity to Greece and Turkey.

The subarctic temperatures mean that the households' electricity bills for January 2017 will be by at least 15% higher than the ones for the last month of 2016.
If the cold spell continues, Bulgaria will stop all export of electricity, despite the signed agreements.

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