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Bulgaria’s Defense Minister Warns against Vote Buying

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Bulgaria’s Defense Minister Warns against Vote Buying

"Signals of vote-buying in some regions have been received at the Prosecutor's Office and the police and security services are investigating them," Defense Minister and Deputy PM Stefan Yanev told bTV.
"We will not impose special security measures at the border with Turkey to prevent Bulgarian nationals with permanent residence there to come and vote on March 26th. This is their constitutional right, after all. We will be watching for smugglers and illegal migrants, as usual," he added.

"No more than the initially planned 35 polling stations will be opened for our compatriots living in Turkey. It is provided in the Constitution that the maximum number of Bulgarian polling station that can be opened in the territory of another country is 35. Likewise, the Turkish nationals permanently residing here will be able to vote at the oncoming national referendum in Turkey," Mr. Yanev went on to say.

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