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Bulgaria's 43th National Assembly to be inaugurated today

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The first meeting of the newly elected 43rd National Assembly will start today from 2 p.m. after its inauguration.

Under the Constitution, it will be the oldest present member of parliament, who will deliver the first speech. In this Parliament, it is the left-wing MP Stefan Danailov, who also opened the 42th National Assembly in May last year.

After Stefan Danailov ringing the bell, the newly elected 240 MPs will make their oaths and will sing the anthem of Bulgaria and the European Union.

Then President Rosen Plevneliev will address the nation and the National Assembly.

Meanwhile, the composition of Bulgaria's new government is still unclear. As the last development, GERB head election winner Boyko Borisov stated that Bulgaria's parties received a joint mandate, which due to the deadlock, should form an expert government and hold bew elections on July 1, 2015.

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