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Bulgarian Slashes Fellow Townsman in London

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Bulgarian Slashes Fellow Townsman in London

(Sofia, August 28, 2017) – The man detained on murder charges in the UK capital London is Emil Asparuhov Hristov (39) from the southern Bulgarian town of Haskovo, where he is known as Emo Fashion.

Officers were called at 2.50pm on Sunday (August 20th) after reports of a man injured at a property in Sherrard Road in London's Manor Park district.

Police found the man known to the Haskovo underground and police as Mitko Zhabata (The Frog) aged in his late 20s suffering stab wounds and gave him first aid until paramedics arrived.

Despite the efforts of attending ambulance and air ambulance crews Mitko died at the scene.

Emil suffered stab wounds to his leg and arrived at an east London police station at 3pm.

He was given first aid and taken to hospital for treatment, but has since been arrested on suspicion of murder. The man is currently in custody.

Most probably the two men had a fight over money and amphetamines. They are well known to the police in Bulgaria and the UK alike.

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