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Bulgarian Parliament Bans Ads of GMO Foods

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Bulgarian Parliament Bans Ads of GMO Foods

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Bulgarian Parliament Bans Ads of GMO Foods
(October 26, 2017 Sofia) The prohibition of GMO food ads has been approved by the Bulgarian MPs at a first reading today, the national radio has informed.

The new law provides that the producers and vendors of genetically modified food or such ingredients for use in foods, shall be punished with a fine of up to BGN 70,000 in case of a repeated violation.

There is an explicit ban on advertising GMOs and foods for which there are statutory restrictions on children's use, through advertisements or other forms of commercial communications involving children or children presenting or using these foods for children's audience.

It is also prohibited to advertise food with ingredients and substances in itself such as fat, trans fatty acids, salt and sugar that do not meet the health ministry's requirements.

The law also regulates the marketing of food on the Internet. Special registration of motor vehicles for the transportation of food of animal and non-animal origin has been introduced. Under the law, there will be a public register of sites for the production, processing and distribution of food and mineral waters.

It is also stipulated that all the information on the food labels must be in Bulgarian. If someone wants to market a food supplement or a fitness supplement, they must apply for registration. For each nutritional supplement and fitness food, a separate application form must be submitted.

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