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Bulgarian Miner Becomes Millionaire on His Birthday

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Bulgarian Miner Becomes Millionaire on His Birthday

Pencho Peltekov, a miner from the village of Oborishte near the city of Plovdiv turned fifty on December 24th.

While he was celebrating both the Christmas Eve and his birthday in the comfort of his home, surrounded by friends and family, he somehow forgot about the lottery ticket that his daughter, Gallina, had bought from a Lafka kiosk on Nikola Vaptzarov Blvd. in Plovdiv and gave it to him in the morning.

Towards the end of the party, the jocund company somehow spotted the ticket among the other presents and half-jokingly started scratching the protective layer.

The symbols that showed up underneath, however, left them speechless – their friend, Pencho, had just won a million levs!

"All my life I toiled hard in the mine to earn my daily bread and support my family, and now I am a millionaire. I can't believe it," Pencho said through tears of joy.

User · 22:40 · 30.12.2016
He should hsve become a politician. A million lev is just a small Christmas bonus to them.
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