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Bulgarian invents the first non-fuel magnetic engine

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Bulgarian invents the first non-fuel magnetic engine

Sofia. A Bulgarian inventor has achieved one of the oldest dreams of mankind by creating a revolutionary engine that is as close as possible to a to a perpetuum mobile. It is an entirely new technology that allows the engine to operate through using magnets, inventor Valeri Matov told Standart.

The engine does not need either fuel nor extra batteries, it runs entirely only by the car's own

For the launch and operation of the so called "controlled electromagnetic engine", as Matev calls his invention, it is enough to have a small amount of electricity, which is then by 90% regenerated during the work of the motor.

The engine itself operates through a magnet, which is controlled by electrical impulses.

Valeri Matov already patented the technology and is working on retrofitting a 150 cc scooter where the petrol engine will be entirely replaced by the controlled electromagnetic engine.

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