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Bulgarian Hotels Make BGN 195 M More in 2016

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Bulgarian Hotels Make BGN 195 M More in 2016

According to information of the National Statistical Institute (NSI), the returns of the Bulgarian hotels for 2016 on night-stays alone are BGN 1.229 B. This is an increase by about 19%, or BGN 195 M year-on-year.

The growth owes itself largely to foreign guests, with returns on their stays hike by over 22% (BGN 263 M). They were responsible for 72.5% of the total hotels' returns on night-stays.

Not surprisingly, the foreigners staying in Bulgaria on holiday, or for work, prefer our four and five-star hotels.

The national statistical institute further reports that Bulgaria was visted by a total of 3.386 foreign nationals in 2016, which is an increase by over 18% year-on-year.

The guests from Germany increased by 127,000 in number, compared to the previous year, while the number of that from Russia went up by 70,000.

The number of visitors from Poland and Romania in 2016 increased by 62,000 and 53,000 respectively.

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