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Bulgarian Business Starving for Qualified Personnel, Salaries Are Soaring

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Bulgarian Business Starving for Qualified Personnel, Salaries Are Soaring

(October 18, 2017 Sofia) "The business in Bulgaria is literary starving for qualified personnel and companies are luring talented candidates with quite comfortable monthly salaries so as to keep them here.

We have estimated that the average monthly salary in Bulgaria has increased by about ten percent year-on-year and the tendency is set to persist.

The highest increase in the monthly remuneration has been registered in the sectors with the most acute demand for qualified workforce – IT, engineers, industrial workers, technologists.

The hotel managers at the Bulgarian seaside were hiring staff from the former Soviet republics like Ukraine, Belorussia and Georgia. Unfortunately, the tourism sector is notorious for its under-the-counter payments and semi-legal employment practices.

Most of the hotel staff are hired on part-time contracts, but in fact they usually work over eight hours a day.

Owners and managers are now willing to pay more so as to staff their businesses with qualified workforce, but they do expect high productivity from their employees.

Naturally, the salaries may vary on regional basis. Thus, a shop assistant in Vidin, one of EU's poorest town, cannot earn as much as their colleague in Sofia.

We have also noticed that the companies that export most of their output can afford to pay the most to their employees.

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