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Bulgaria to denounce EU sanction on Hungary, deputy prime minister says

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Bulgaria to denounce EU sanction on Hungary, deputy prime minister says

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Bulgaria's Council of Ministers will adopt a position denouncing the sanctions against Hungary, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Krasimir Karakachanov told a press briefing at the government building on Wednesday.

"At the meeting of the cabinet today, ministers from United Patriots together with deputy prime minister Valeri Simeonov and minister Neno Dimov made a proposal regarding Bulgaria's position on the European Parliament's vote in favour of sanctions against Hungary," said Karakachanov, adding that the EP's decision was adopted for ideological reasons, ignoring Hungary's policies on some of the criticised areas and country's willingness to talk with the European Commission.

"We think this is a violation of EU member state sovereignty. Today this is Hungary, there are attempts to take such decisions against Poland, tomorrow a similar decision could be proposed against Bulgaria. Each member state has a sovereign right to change its legislation and conduct policies, and if this is not approved by an EP group, then the group has a problem, not the state. As an organisation that defends the national interest, we have always objected to any attempts to destroy or minimise the sovereignty of member states, allow it to be taken away by institutions that no one has in fact voted for," Karakachanov said.

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